Hi Guys!

Interested to know what Gadget I’m using right now?

You can check it out on this page.

Constantly Updated ( Almost Every Month)


The SmartPhone I Use

If you’ve been following me for some time,you  know that I love Android.Especially Clean,Stock Android.

I began recommending OnePlus back when I was in college and I still feel that they’re a good choice for anyone who want to get things done.


Oneplus 6T
Acer Swift 3


The Laptop I Use

I still remember the countless hours I spent researching what an ideal laptop should have?

Storage,Speed,Graphics – which one do I need the most.

finally I settled on portability & speed.I had used some heavy laptops in the past and I wanted to get a new one that is super light & super fast.

Canon 1300D

The Camera I Use

I am not a camera nerd myself.Atleast,not yet.
Most of the pictures & videos that I post are using my Oneplus 6T.

So I think Canon 1300D is perfect for my ocassional photography.

It is budget friendly,takes crisp pictures and since it is canon, you have the option to borrow some cool lens from your photography friends.

The E-Book Reader I Use