How To Setup Google Sitekit Plugin On WordPress


Check Site Traffic? Go To Google Analytics. Analyze Your Organic Search? Open A New Tab And Then Go To Search Console.

Managing / Tracking All The Google Tools Installed On Our WordPress Website has always been a nightmare.

But You Know What? Good News Guys. Google Finally Gave An Eff!

Their Official WordPress Plugin, Sitekit, is now out of beta and can be used by all WordPress users to view google analytics and search console data within the dashboard itself.

Here’s How You Install Google Sitekit On WordPress

1) Go To WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New & Search For SiteKit By Google

SiteKit By Google Plugin
SiteKit By Google

2) Hit Install And Then Activate It

3)Once Activated You Would See A G Site Kit Button On Your WordPress Panel. Click On It And Select Dashboard.

4) You Will Now Arrive At This Page. Hit Start Setup

Sitekit Setup Page
The Setup Page

5) Clicking On Start Setup Will Redirect You here, Where You have To Sign In For Google Sitekit To Access Your Account.

From here On You’ll Be Asked For A Lot Of Permissions For The Plugin To Access Your Account.

Since This Is An Official Google Plugin You Don’t Have To Worry.

Just Keep Clicking Accept And Verify The Permissions You Grant.

Finally, You Arrive At This Step.

Congrats ? You have managed to setup sitekit on your website.

You will be redirected back to your WordPress site with sitekit configured. But don’t be too happy just yet.

The permissions you just granted is only for integrating Google search console with your Dashboard.

If You Also Wish To Integrate Other Google Services Such As Analytics, AdSense And PageSpeed, You Will have to grant permission for each one of them separately, in a similar manner by clicking connect service.

SiteKit Setup Completion

Once You have Configured Search Console And Google Analytics Within Sitekit, this is how your sitekit dashboard will look like.

Google SiteKit DashBoard On WordPress
Google SiteKit DashBoard On WordPress

Not just that, You Get Separate Menus Under Google Site Kit Plugin For Google Analytics And Search Console That Provides You With More Detailed Stats Than What Is Available On Dashboard.

Analytics Menu On Site Kit For WordPress
Analytics Menu On Site Kit For WordPress
Search Console Menu On Site Kit For WordPress
Search Console Menu On Site Kit For WordPress

So How Good Is It?

Well, for starters, Google SiteKit finally bring analytics and search data into the WordPress dashboard.

That’s A Welcome Move.

But there’s still a long way to go. Even though the plugin is out of beta, Everything from installation to usage feels buggy. In fact, I had to go through the permission setup twice to properly configure sitekit on my website.

SiteKit has its own issues

Not Just That, it looks like Google designed this Plugin just to provide an overview to the user and consciously stayed away from integrating all the features/data that are available on its web platform.

The Result. There are still going to be numerous instances where you have to go back to the google analytics/search console webpage to get what you’re looking for.

For Example, the entire Reports section of Google Analytics is missing in the WordPress plugin.

But something is better than nothing. Sitekit For WordPress is a welcome move by Google that would definitely make the life of the platform users a tad easier.

Let’s just hope Google Continues developing and supporting this plugin so that it doesn’t end up as just another experiment in the growing pile of google’s list of abandoned projects.

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